The @ Sea podcast puts you in touch with great culture makers because I believe what they do deepens and enriches our lives. 

Meet Justin McRoberts

I create in order provide language for the process of faith and life. I want what I create to help you to live generously as well as help you faithfully make good work in the world. For that reason, I really like teaching, storytelling and songwriting, which I’ve done for nearly twenty years.

I am the author of three books. A celebration of relationship entitled “CMYK: The Process of Life Together,” (2012) a look at my creative process, called “Title Pending: Things I Think About When I Make Stuff” (2014) and a reflective prayer guide, entitled “Prayer: 40 Days of Practice” (2016).
I have recorded 15 musical projects since 1999, which serve as a kind of lyrical memoir.
I am also the curator and host of The @Sea Podcast and @Sea Events. The podcast and events put you in touch with great culture makers because I think what they do deepens and enriches our lives.

Whether I’m teaching, sharing songs and stories, leading a workshop on the creative process or inviting folks to engage in the fight against global poverty, I value every opportunity to encourage, challenge and inspire as a creative.

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